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Vital stats: I am a young 59 years old, large gregarious person, multiple interests, CEO of a archaeological, biblical and botanical museum in Lawrenceville, Georgia, I enjoy reading and archaeology, have two grown children, Mark and Miriam (she has three beautiful girls, Sarah Elizabeth, Adriana, and Sharon Rose), I have tirelessly advocated for a biblically literate clergy(and congegations too!) and I’m deeply concerned about the trajectory of western civilization – giant strides… all in the wrong direction.


1949: I was born in a small rural farming community in northern Pennsylvania called Coudersport.

1967: Graduated from CHS (home of the Falcons) a headed off the Bible College to prepare for the ministry

1970: Graduated from Elim Bible Institute, Lima, New York (near Rochester)

More later…love, marriage and baby carriage.

Published on March 16, 2008 at 9:54 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. I saw a copy of J.R.R. Tolkeins SILMARILLION on the top shelf of your library, in Homestead, Florida…did you ever consider that a chopstick would work well as an instrument to perform cuniform ? Reconsider “The Scribblings of The Scribe Frodo”, by Larry Scroubphe…Good Book

  2. Ed, I have lost touch – but wanted to know what’s happening with you and the biblical arcaheology museum. Wishing you God’s best, Bill Ellwanger

  3. Hey there ho there Dr. Bez Ron Wren blast from the pass had to look you up trying to find some long lost transcripts back from the days of ROL
    bible college let’s get caught up.Great to see to still staying true your call.

  4. It is a joy to hear from you again. I have missed your blogs. Hope to connect with you again on one of my trips to the Atlanta area. I am thankful to God that you are still dedicated to spreading the word of God to a biblically literate church & clergy. God many blessings to you. I am blessed to have known you for 30+ years. Thank you from being my pastor. Veronica (Ronni)

  5. Pastor Bez is this you, after all these years, this is Mary I went with the church to Guatemala in 1976, I am still a christian after all these years….caught up with some others in Florence Alabama that I knew from Rock Church…God had his hand in that meeting…..thru my struggles over the years I learned that God is faithful, forgiving and kind and if we truly seek him he gives us the desire’s of our hearts…but the most important thing is love..that was the message I took to Guatemala and recently when I had an illness and saw the lite of God my prayer was that if I came thru it (I didn’t know if I would) that he would help me, be more kind and more loving…it seems that that trait is one that caused me a lot of trouble in my walk….in Alabama I went thru something that brought me to a state of shock whereas I couldn’t stop crying…crying…. crying, it is a long story but God sent Angels into my room Pastor Bez and they told me you are going to be alright you are going to be o.k. I still cried for two weeks but then I went to the church where my friends from fl were..I felt the presence of God there and his Love for me…Steve Fatow was the Pastor…anyway here I am still a christian and I have never forgotten Rock Church or you and yours…the praise and worship and the Love we had one for another sure there was problems just like any family but we are all part of God’s Family , I am happy to see you well and happy, I am too with a wonderful Husband who loves the Lord and me we have been married twenty years in June.

  6. Having known Dr. Bez and his family for 40+ years, I can attest to the dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work of Dr. Bez. May God’s most abundant blessings be with you all … today and always!! Lola and Larry 🙂 🙂

  7. Dr. Bez,

    It is AWESOME that you are blogging now. I am always so excited to see what you are up to next. Your newsletters and achievements are amazing.

    I consider myself to be very blessed to have been in your sphere of influence. I loved being one of your students at Atlantic Southern Bible College.

    I am still ON Fire for Jesus and helping to spread the Word.

    Your words still resonate deep within my soul. My main prayer is to be in Full Time ministry someday.

    I call myself ShyGirlFromChicago, but I am no longer Shy. I have been set FREE! With your encouragement and me taking baby steps, I have ended up taking leaps of faith and have been able to speak in front of crowds.

    I am telling you this so the World will know that so many Lives have been changed because of YOUR commitment to Bible Literacy.

    Thank you very much. I am a life that has been changed because of Jesus and YOU!

    Debbie Galle

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