Oldest Bible Whole again

Codex Sinaiticus
Technological advancements have always been viewed as either a blessing or bondage. Advocates and antagonist flail away at one another with relentless propaganda.
The digital revolution is one such technological advancement. I have both blessed and cursed its arrival on the contemporary cultural scene.
Today, I bless the internet and all of the efforts of the British Museum and Leipzig University for the publication of the Codex Sinaiticus; one of the oldest nearly complete New Testament copies in existence. Not an easy task when one realizes that four different nations (Britain, Germany, Russia, Egypt) held pages from the Codex.
The Codex, which is believed to contain the most accurate version of the New Testament, can now be viewed online in high-definition pictures, with a full transcript of the Greek text, and translation into English and German of some key passages.
I suspect only by the cooperative efforts of scholars, museums, universities, and private collectors to the digitalization of such documents will they ever be made whole and available to us all.
Today I love the internet.

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