$50 Million anonymous gift to Wycliffe Translators

200px-jwycliffe1Wycliffe USA, a Bible translating organization, received an anonymous gift of $50 million this week, marking the largest donation in the ministry’s history. According to a press release, the funds will be used to accelerate the rate of scripture translation and bring language development and – in most cases – first-time literacy to more than 200 million people by 2025. Using cutting-edge translation techniques developed by Wycliffe personnel, the Last Languages Campaign will accelerate the pace of language development and Bible translation for the world’s remaining language groups from 125 years to 17 years. According to Wycliffe, one in five adults worldwide is illiterate, and more than one-third of the world’s language groups have no Bible translation program underway.


Imagine! In the midst of one of the worst recessions in American history, with US and global markets continuing to decline, unemployment at staggering levels, financial institutions crumbling almost daily, someone(s) step forward and donated $50 million dollars. Not to their alma maters, not to some ridiculous cause but to Wycliffe USA.

$50 million dollars to see the Scriptures translated into the last languages on earth without any portion of the precious Word of God. $50 million dollars to see illiteracy erased on the planet; while using the Bible as a primary text in teaching reading skills.

What glorious and generous ‘good news’ at a time when media is so saturated with bad news. My heart was so encouraged. This grand act made my day and will likely make the eternal days of countless millions of unreached peoples as well. The gift accelerated a major translation project scheduled to take 125 years to 17 years. Now, that’s redeeming the time.

To whoever made this wonderful donation I say “Bless you sir, bless you madam. May the wondrous riches of His grace abound toward you. Thank you for being so selfless in giving such a needed gift.”


Wycliffe USA takes its name from the 14th century Bible translator John Wycliffe.

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  1. Praise the Lord!

    This is great testimony in these economic times that God is still on the throne and that God wants His Word to go forth in all nations.

    The Faith Comes By Hearing ministry family is praising God for this donor and their gift.

    Jon D. Wilke
    Faith Comes By Hearing

  2. Thank you Paul for taking valuable time out of your bloggers schedule to respond to the good news about the “Good News.” Surprisingly, the news of the donation has not impacted many of my colleagues and Christian bloggers that usually are starving for some small light of hopefulness in the dark caves of mass media negativity.

  3. Yay!!!

    -Paul Merrill, for Wycliffe’s The Seed Company

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