Israeli Friend, archaeologist Doron Ben-Ami finds gold

Roman era earring

Roman era earring

Massive excavations at Giv'ati, just outside Dung Gate
Massive excavations at Giv

I couldn’t be more thrilled for anyone.  I recall my first meeting with Doron, it was on the acropolis at Tel Hazor, northern Galilee, where he faithfully served as an associate of Dr. Amnon Ben Tor.

He wore many hats, and wore them well, yet he was accessible as an human being to enthusiastic neophytes. He was so patient with my sophomoric questions, with which I bombarded him periodically over several dig seasons at Hazor. He soon became more than a square supervisor; he became a friend.

His assignment as the chief archaeologist on one of the most important digs in Jerusalem( Giv’ati Car Park at the city of David, in the “Walls around Jerusalem National Park”) is well deserved and his faithfulness to work for others is now being rewarded.

It was an honor to spend one day working at his site in July 2007. My colleague, Dennis Malone, joined Doron’s volunteer dig team for several weeks in 2007; his wife Mary and Patti Stenger also spent a day “washing pottery” from the site.

The articles below highlight just one example of exciting discoveries at this impressive site.

 Jerusalem of Gold.

2,000-year-old gold earring found in Jerusalem

Credits: “Skyview”, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Picture of the earring,  Clara Amit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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