Arrived in Israel

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Arrived safely in Israel with a team of fifteen (15) ranging in age from eleven (11) to eighty-one (81). The group is so excited to get started on the study tour.


I did notice several differences on this trip to Israel. For the first time in any flight I’ve ever taken to Israel the pilot announced a new security requirement for in-bound flights to Tel Aviv. Every passenger was required to be in their seats and buckled in by the time the plane was thirty minutes (30) from landing in Israel. I guess this was an effort to monitor the rather free-about souls that would be wandering all over the aircraft in the past!


There were no Visa forms or entry cards to fill out on the plane either. We just landed, went through customs, claimed our baggage and out the door to the awaiting bus. One hour later we were walking on the Med.


I must report that it didn’t take long to realize that the American economy is in serious trouble. Israel’s base economy is keyed to the dollar. The rate of exchange last July 2007 when I was here on a dig was 4.2 shekels per dollar, now its 3.1. This is causing great concerns for everyone here in Israel. I hadn’t realized that our economy had this type of impact globally. I know we are paying nearly $3.25 per gallon for gas but that is nothing like what we may see in the months ahead. May God give us all the wisdom and grace to begin doing what we ought to have been doing- living all along… within our means.

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  1. Hey Doc!

    Just a note to say you are in our prayers. Have a blessed Holy Week in the Holy Land.


  2. I think it is so cool that you will be in Israel while the rest of us will be celebrating Easter at home. My thoughts and prayers will be with you (and your group) as you remember our risen Saviour in the land where He walked (and ministered to others).

    Shalom & Alleluia–

    Joe Cantello

    P.S. I would like to come by and see the museum when you get back. I am planning on teaching the ‘How the Bible came to be’ class again starting in mid-April.

  3. We will be praying for your trip. Someday we hope to join you on one! But here in Peru it has also become clear how bad the U.S. dollar is. When we arrived in September, the exchange rate was 3.15; now it is 2.80. And they pay $6 for one gallon of gas!


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